About Us

Combine best quality ingredients with prime cuts and fresh herbs, add a pinch of London folklore and a large helping of ingenious sausage recipes created by chef, restaurateur and Westminster College cookery lecturer Martin Heap, and you’ll get a flavour of what Simply Sausages is all about.

The Simply Sausages brand was born in 1991 in Smithfield Market, the original London home of meat. The brainchild of Martin Heap, the Simply Sausage shop sold 24 varieties of sausage, all created with one aspiration in mind: to be, quite simply, the best sausage you are likely to taste. After just one day of trading, queues were forming around the block to buy Martin’s affordable, yet luxurious sausages. In fact, the sausages became so popular that new queuing systems were installed and coffee served while you waited. What a way to shop!

Sausage choices were seasonal, with menus changing twice a year. With the growth of sausage varieties, came increased demand and the move to Berwick Street in London’s Soho.

Following this, shops opened in quick succession in Strutton Ground, Victoria, Villiers Street in Charing Cross and a franchise in Bury St Edmonds. Together, these shops were shifting 10 tonnes of sausages per week and the name ‘Simply Sausages’ was becoming a household name in the South East and a media favourite.

In fact, so much so, that Martin decided it was time to share his wonderful sausages with the nation and so it was, that Simply Sausages became available to the masses through major retailers. Visit Where to buy for more information.

Clearly, with demand being so high, Martin can’t possibly make all of his sausages alone any more so he has enlisted a bunch of sausage specialists to work to the letter of his prescribed magical recipes. However, Martin still continues to enthuse others directly with his love of creating delicious, uniquely flavoured sausages at his butcher’s shop Heaps, in Greenwich, London. Visit Inside Heaps for more information.