Smithfield Original - Recipe No.1

Pork Sausages with a pinch of nutmeg and a hint of white pepper.

The Story of the Smithfield Original

Smithfield Jack, in the reign of Victoria, found a surfeit of Nutmeg caused euphoria, but when paired with Sage in moderation, made regal bangers for a hungry nation.

Gourmet 88% Pork Sausages

with a pinch of nutmeg & a hint of white pepper

These superior sausages subtly seasoned with a hint of nutmeg and a pinch of pepper are inspired by the quintessentially meaty destination - and the original home of Simply Sausages, Smithfield market.

This delicious recipe hasn't changed since they were first perfected by MARTIN HEAP at his gourmet London sausage emporium.

You could simply offer SMITHFIELD ORIGINAL RECIPE NO.1 to the most discerning sausage enthusiasts around, impressing them with your sizzling skills and creating a succulent meal of which to be proud.

Ingredients: Pork (88%), Breadcrumb (Wheat flour, Yeast, Salt), Free Range Egg, Salt, Nutmeg, White Pepper, Preservative: Sodium Metabisulphate; Coriander, Rosemary Extract. Filled into natural pork casings.

Allergen Advice: Contains wheat, gluten, eggs & sulphites.